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what's in the box?

Have a look at some of the vegetables inside this week's box! Here, we'll share things like variety and flavor profile as well as other perks like our favorite recipes and cooking methods. Remember, our boxes are full of what's looking best at the time of harvest and will likely contain additional or different vegetables.


If you've never tried beet greens, this is the green to try! These heirloom, Italian beet greens are delicious when sauteed like spinach and pair well with garlic and a good quality olive oil. Deep in flavor and nutrition, these beet greens are our favorite fall treat from the garden!

Rainbow Carrots

This autumn mix of carrots includes purple, yellow and orange carrots. These fall carrots are sweet, crisp and perfect for roasting. Their vibrant colors add beauty to any plate.  This bunch will also include fresh, bushy greens that we love to use in place of parsley in a recipe or as a carrot top pesto. 

Chioggia Beet Greens
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Easter Egg Radish

Easter Egg radishes are like a colorful taste explosion in your mouth, with their crisp, mild, and slightly peppery flavor. These little beauties jazz up your salads, sammies, and snacks with their bright pink, purple, and white roots – a fun and delicious way to add some pizzazz to your dishes!

Red Giant Mustard

Mustard greens are one of our favorite, fall treats. These leafy wonders are not just for the adventurous palate – their rich, earthy taste adds depth to salads and sandwiches, or can be lightly sautéed for a nutritious side dish, much like cooked spinach. With their striking burgundy leaves, they bring both vibrant color and intense flavor to your kitchen creations.

Green Onion

Green onions shine in autumn with their crisp, vibrant stalks adding a refreshing crunch and a touch of mild onion zest to fall recipes, from hearty soups to savory roasted dishes. Don't miss out on these flavor-packed, fresh greens that bring a little extra magic to every meal.

Heirloom Beets

Chioggia beets, known for their whimsical pink and white stripes, are an Italian heirloom variety. The chioggia beet was first mentioned by legendary French seedhouse Vilmorin in 1840. When introduced in the U.S., it was considered a gourmet oddity, primarily sold at upscale markets. Today, the Chioggia beet remains a popular choice for market farmers; the roots are alluring and have the culinary stamp of approval from top chefs.  Those who are averse to that signature earthy beet flavor will appreciate this variety, as it tastes remarkably mellow. 

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The veggies in your heirloom box were gently grown. They were grown in real soil, outside, and never sprayed with pesticides. Munch marks and debris are naturally occurring. Please remember to wash all produce before consuming.

RECIPES & ideas

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