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At the core of what Fifth Acre stands for, you'll find community. Years ago, we dreamt of growing so much food in our own home garden that it could be shared with our community, right here in Elyria, Ohio. That little dream grew into a reality and that garden, into a farm. Fifth Acre Farms is honored to partner with these community organizations in providing fresh produce and learning opportunities to our friends and neighbors.   

South Side Pride

The Vision of Southside Pride
The vision of Southside Pride is to support a sustainable, healthy, and safe community for 5th through 8th grade students and families in South Elyria. They aim to accomplish this by coordinating
resources and opportunities to maximize the physical, mental, emotional, and educational potential of all 5th through 8th grade students and families in South Elyria.

Southside Pride Programs
The 21st century program provides the backbone of Southside Pride activities as an out of school time program. Out of school time programming is essential to the success of middle school students. The program is located at East Rec in the city of Elyria, and typically operates Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm and provides tutoring services, homework help, social emotional learning, and clubs such as cooking and art.

The Freedge (Free Refrigerator)

Operated by the SSP collaborative, the Freedge is a

sharing mechanism aimed at reducing food insecurity and waste in hopes of building a stronger community. It promotes equal access to healthy food through the installation of a community refrigerator that is used to share food at the neighborhood level. People in the community are invited to donate food or take food as needed. The Freedge is located at the south branch of the Elyria Public Library.

Fifth Acre Farms firmly believes that every person should have access to healthy, fresh food. We've dedicated a portion of our land and time to growing produce for the Freedge project. We harvest and drop off produce to the Freedge, twice a week, during the growing season. All unsold produce from markets and unclaimed heirloom boxes is also donated to the SSP Freedge. 

ripple effect

Your generosity helps us cover the essential costs of running our farm, from purchasing seeds and soil to maintaining our tools. By supporting us, you enable us to keep giving back to our community through our produce donation program.

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